Illuminating insights from our 2015 New World Talent Survey

The Lighthouse has unveiled its annual New World Talent Survey, which once again highlights fascinating insights into the collective mindset of over 500 C-suite executives across the media and advertising spectrum, with ‘The Lighthouse Illuminations’ at Café de Paris.


Conducted with help and ratification from leading media research specialists, Work Research, the results gauge opinion on three key themes that we have observed over the past 12 months:

The 2015 survey also took our yearly check of overall sentiment of the top leaders in our industry. Those feeling professionally fulfilled remains steady at 40% while those feeling positive about growth prospects also remains steady at 56%. Pleasingly, the percentage of leaders who felt very unfulfilled in their job fell to 10% for the first time – a far cry from those gloomy days of 2012 when nearly one in four felt unfulfilled.

You can watch the full presentation of this year’s results on the video below, or alternatively download a copy of our 2015 New World Talent Survey here.