The Lighthouse Company at Advertising Week XII in New York

We recently traveled to New York for the annual Advertising Week festival, now in its twelfth year, where the Lighthouse was shining its beam full force on the topic of the mental well-being of our senior talent.

In the middle of a jam-packed week of talent and insight, we brought globally renowned neuroscientist Joseph LeDoux to the stage of the Liberty Theater to draw on the key insights from his latest book, Anxious, which looks at how we can understand our brains better to let our emotions work for rather than against us. At the start of ‘Mastering the Modern Mind’ our CEO Kathleen highlighted why this topic is so important to the Lighthouse’s ethos and way of operating.

(It may be useful to download a copy of Joseph’s slides – available here – when viewing this video).

You can also hear Kathleen being interviewed by BJ Smith about the importance of this topic on the iHeartMedia podcast below:

Kathleen joined a top panel to discuss disruptive forces in our industry – covering topics from technology through to talent. The panel also featuring Don Kennedy of AOL, Trevor Fellows of The Wall Street Journal, Lucien Boyer from Havas Sports & Entertainment and Janet Holian of DraftKings, while Alex Sherman of Bloomberg moderated the proceedings.