The Lighthouse Company's New World Talent Survey

Published annually since 2010, this is a bespoke piece of research to obtain an in-depth understanding of the opinions of leaders in the media and communication industry.

For the tenth successive year The Lighthouse Company’s New World Talent research results were unveiled at the beautiful Royal Institution of Great Britain in Mayfair. These latest results represent the constant watchtower of the collective views and inner thoughts of over 600 C-Suite leaders from across the globe.

This year, in addition to the annual barometer, we focused on two key new insights. Firstly, in the existential realm, the idea of ‘Professional Reincarnation’. How the forthcoming decade of the ‘Yold’ and the reality of existing longer, living healthier, yet yearning for something deeper, offers us all the opportunity of a second chance at professional and personal fulfilment. Secondly, our early observations around the rise of ‘Premium Women’ – how the effect of the advancement taken through positive discrimination to deliver the much required correction in gender equality and gender pay may be producing an accidental by-product worth illuminating.

In addition, CEO & Founder Kathleen Saxton invited eight truly inspiration speakers from a Buddhist Monk to a reincarnated Artist; an Astrologer to a reincarnated Golf Club Manager; an Author to a NED Headhunter and two leaders who have reincarnated many businesses to offer a three-minute manifesto to the audience with a view to inspiring and calling to action their considerations for the year and decade ahead.

The 2018 Shipping Forecast focused on three key areas. Firstly, the identification and appreciation of three emerging types of talent – The Exotic, The Extinct and The Evolved. Secondly, the need for a New Narrative following the #TimesUp and #MeToo movements and finally the danger of the Action of Inaction.

In addition, founder Kathleen Saxton invited ten truly inspiration speakers from the world of politics, education, neurosurgery, poetry and media to offer a three-minute manifesto to the audience with a view to inspiring and calling to action their considerations for the year ahead.

The 2017 Shipping Forecast focused on two emerging themes – ‘Lost at C-suite’, covering the areas of transformational leadership, ageism and purpose and values in the workplace and The Psyched Index which focused on the importance of mental wellbeing to reach peak performance.

2016’s key trends centred around three distinct themes – Estranged Encounters, Tempting Talent and Mind Mastery – and their growing prevalence and impact in the wider advertising, marketing and media world.

In 2015, the survey identified three key themes in the shape of Horizontal Hybrids (as we ask more from our leaders, how equipped are they to lead in the digital age), Horizons (what do leaders see for themselves beyond their current careers) and Heartlights (how much are today’s leaders sharing of themselves to enable better business).

In 2014, our research identified and probed the following themes; Optimal Leadership – how long do leaders have to make a difference?, Talent On Loan – can leaders and our industry benefit from the shorter-term agreements, and The Equity Epidemic – looking at its prevalence and its effect on our industry’s leaders.

You can download full reports from the most recent surveys on the right hand side of this page. If you would like to see results from before 2013, please do not hesitate to contact any of our team.