I worked in media for 12 years in 4 high profile companies; Lintas, JWT, CDP and PHD. I reached Business Director Level and ran several teams of people.

I left to work as a head hunter for 2 years before setting up Fox Haynes Media Headhunters in 1996.

I eventually discovered my true calling 8 years ago and have worked as an executive coach since then. I work with individuals and teams of people with the aim of them achieving their best performance in a business environment.

Issues around self motivation and removing obstacles for achieving business targets are central to my portfolio. I have delivered more than 7500 coaching hours and 680 coaching assignments with some very interesting and exciting people.

Confidence building, communication skills, increased motivation , management and leadership skills, career planning, removing obstacles, business planning, work/life balance, time management, general organisation, appraisal training, interview training are some of the areas that I work around.

I generally work with successful people who want to be even more successful….I have also worked extensively with people going through redundancy. In the current economic downturn I want to work with more people to help them see light at the end of the tunnel.

My coaching style is incisive, supportive, challenging and fast.

I am an NLP practitioner and a member of the Coaching Association and I am currently studying for a physiology degree with the OU. I am also qualified to deliver Emergenetics psychometric profiling (www.emergenetics.com). This profiling gives individuals and teams fantastic insight as to how they think and behave and work together.

My clients include; Sky Television, PHD Media, Coca-Cola, C4, Brit Insurance, Wilder Coe, Forum Wealth, Hotchpotch, Homebase, Arena BLM, Quantum Digital, OMD UK and Europe, The AAR, Starcom Mediavest, Ebiquity, glue London, Virtual Directors, Walt Disney, Emap, Lloyds Bank, Barclays Bank , Fusion Recruitment, 24Seven Recruitment and Limelight Networks as well as Fox Vision, I work with Sally Burrell, specifically on bespoke leadership training for senior teams of people. Please have a look at www.BurrellFox.co.uk for details of the range we offer.

I have been married to Nick for 17 years and we have a 13 year old son Jack (sometimes Kevin!).

Kathleen says:
“ Carol is an exceptional and experienced coach and before that she was an outstanding headhunter.  During the first 10 years of my career she was involved in guiding me professionally and despite my challenging ambition, she celebrated every step and encouraged every step.  She understands you better than you understand yourself at times and she focuses your mind on the inner self to provide authenticity in your professional and personal delivery.  She is renowned for her confidentiality, her challenging questions, her unshockability and her massive heart. ”