In my former career in international events and publishing (administrator, researcher, team leader, line manager and ultimately management board executive) I spent a great deal of time with business leaders. One day on a leadership development programme I realised I wanted to be the ‘people expert’ more than I wanted to be the corporate executive: to pursue an emerging passion for understanding and enabling individuals and teams. So I started my second career – and I can really recommend having at least two! – and I’m now a fully qualified Chartered Psychologist with additional qualifications in occupational testing.

You have likely heard stories about leadership derailment – people selected into an organisation because of their seeming potential and talent who arrive to fanfares and exit under a cloud after they had taken excessive risks, ruined a corporate reputation, or become paralysed into inactivity and indecision.  Well, I help organisations reduce the risk of employing someone whose personality traits and work style may well end up endangering the business, even though they seem to be just the ticket at the outset.  How? I use my expertise to choose the right psychometrics to help businesses, large and small, define their requirements, profile candidates and ask interview questions that enable more informed selection decisions.

I am frequently asked to coach senior managers: those in a new role, dealing with a transition or challenge. I’ve worked with some incredibly successful coaching clients in the public sector, business start ups, charities, professional service firms, membership associations and blue chips. My coaching style has a positive and pragmatic flavour and adapts to get the best out of my clients.  I commit to sharing and explaining the coaching process rather than shrouding it in mystery.  I encourage my clients to think widely, to reflect on their performance, to aspire to greater things.

They say no ‘man’ is an island…. and so a good amount of my professional work finds me enabling groups, not just individuals, to become high performing.   I call upon a number of theoretical frameworks, facilitation skills and psychometrics to enhance self and other awareness, to open up communication, to reduce unproductive behaviours and leverage the group dynamic.  I help clients identify the few changes that will make the most difference and clients report greater clarity over the way forward as well as a greater appreciation of the complexity of the issues in hand.

I am passionate about what I do and hope to have the opportunity to share some of this passion with you.

Kathleen says:
“My respect for Deborah is enormous.  She has combined a corporate career with an entrepreneurial drive to coach and guide senior executives – she can walk the talk.  Deeply immersed with Jacquie in delivering and translating psychometric, occupational and organizational analysis, Deborah has worked with me over several years to ensure our corporate and personal clients form the best professional fit at hire. With Deborah’s help and translation of the human mind, we can ensure the body accepts the organ and we can truly build super teams.”