Gilla Harris is a Partner at SNR Denton, the international law firm. She has extensive experience covering all aspects of commercial litigation and specialises in employment and partnership issues. She has represented many high profile individuals and companies within the media and advertising sector and is regarded as one of the toughest but fairest lawyers within her field. Gilla has an MA from Edinburgh University in Latin and History.

Kathleen says:
“Gilla is truly formidable and you absolutely want her on your team. She combines wonderful steely no nonsense and straightforward advice, with a deep sense of fairness – wrapped up with pace and good humour. Gilla told me the very first time I met her that she “loves a row” – but only when she knows the other side have behaved inappropriately. I guess that is why she is called upon by so many CEO level operators – she will fight hard for you whenever you need her but will equally talk you down when the emotional and financial risk becomes too great. One of a rare breed – she tells it like it is and you feel safe in her knowledge and experience.”