I left school with the usual clutch of qualifications but no career direction.  After seven years in secretarial work and Cordon Bleu catering jobs I took time out of full time employment for my, now grown up, family. I combined the ‘joys’ of motherhood with setting up and running a successful catering and event organising business and hosting cookery demonstrations. One day I woke up to the stark reality that I simply hated what I was doing.  The burning question was – what to do now? I initially floundered around, but it was the dread of going back to what I had been doing that kept me determined to move on – so I signed up for A level Psychology at my local 6th form college.

It was my tutor who offered me my first experience of career coaching; spurring me on to apply for a University place.  The thing is – without support I would never have overcome the self imposed barriers. It was the process of making sense of my past experiences that helped me to make the most informed career decision of all. Here I am 10 years later with a Bachelors degree, a Masters Degree and a fully qualified Chartered Occupational Psychologist.  I’ve worked in academia as a research fellow and associate tutor and now as an independent and associate consultant, specialising in career coaching.

As a coaching psychologist I often use psychometrics to raise self awareness and help individuals identify what they can do.  I also assist them in matching their motives and talents with their options.  And, this is the essence of career coaching – a deeper understanding and insight into your situation to enable you to make decisions and carry on your journey.

Career coaching is for anyone needing support to manage their career transitions, to make healthy informed choices, those at the start of their career, facing a career dilemma, promotion or redundancy, wanting more from their careers, returning to the job market or struggling with a performance related issue or work life balance. I work with people – graduates, entrepreneurs, professionals, senior public servants, blue chip execs – and their strengths to enable them to be better and happier at what they do.  I believe a career is an adventure.

Kathleen says:
“Nothing shocks Jacquie, from the moment I met her she makes all of life’s challenges and joys part of her everyday diet. She combines her vast experience of life with her sound academic learning with a sharp and compelling ability to analyse complex situations and guide individuals to make good decisions. Together with Deborah, they provide insight into the conscious and subconscious motivations and likely outcomes for people and teams. She never stops finding fun, and yet all the while observing and suggesting ways to look at life’s challenges with the single aim of achieving authentic happiness.”