I always knew my passion in life was to help people and make a difference. Initially, I believed the only way of doing this was to become a Doctor. After spending a lot of time in the medical space and with the realisation of 7 years at University becoming a reality, it became apparent that perhaps the medical sector was not 100% suited to me. I ended up going to University but instead of Medicine, I studied Sport and Exercise Science at Oxford Brookes; finding a particular passion for Sports Psychology and what makes an elite performer. Upon graduation I panicked, it seemed my initial dream and everything I had worked towards to date seemed no longer relevant and I had no set goal to strive towards. I decided travelling was the only option to ‘find myself’ again. Yet, in order to travel, I needed money. I joined Primesight, one of the UK’s leading out of home Media Owners, as a two month temp. This led me to start my journey in Media and discover how I could help people and make that difference within this sector.

After an incredible month of working at Primesight I was asked to stay fulltime – I keenly accepted. I stayed at Primesight for five and a half brilliant years. I worked my way up in the Operations department, growing my team and remit throughout. I became Operations Manager within three years and ended up managing the department and the four teams within it.

It was at this point in my career I found my passion for managing people and I realised the difference I could make on people’s day to day lives. I believe in the importance of creating an environment where people looked forward to coming to work, whilst developing skills and supporting people to achieve their full potential. Alongside this, I wanted to make sure that I continued to develop myself and as a result, bring more to the people I managed, the company I worked for and the sector I was blessed enough to work in. This passion triggered my next move, in 2016 I decided to enrol part time in a Business Psychology Masters, whilst still working full time. In 2017 I was delighted to be awarded the WACL future leaders award which further supported me with my studies. I graduated as a Business Psychologist in July 2018.

So how am I where I am today? I actually met Kathleen at the very beginning of my Media journey, she was the guest speaker at a Bloom mentoring event. She absolutely blew me away, I wholeheartedly believed and felt very passionately about everything Kathleen spoke about. Kathleen and I kept in regular contact and in 2018 I took the leap of faith to move across to The Lighthouse Company as their Marketing Director. I genuinely believe I have found my new dream and hope to continue and amplify the incredible work the Lighthouse team are already doing within our sector.