I grew up surrounded by the green fields of Northamptonshire in a noisy but fun Italian household. As one of eight siblings, home life was noisy, hectic and incredibly fun!

I graduated from Brighton University in June 2018 with a degree in International Event Management. To be by the sea and be taught by some of the best in the event business was a valuable experience and one that I thoroughly enjoyed.

I have always been passionate about drama and theatre, so much so that I was awarded the drama scholarship at school. Not only did this teach me acting skills but more importantly helped me develop my debating and public speaking abilities which I look forward to continuing to hone further in my career.

I wanted to spend a year seeing the world before university as another great passion of mine is travel. Ignited when I was awarded a travel scholarship to Zambia, I have since volunteered in India and Nepal to name but a few countries. I also travel closer to home whenever I get the opportunity and am on a mission to find the best pizza in Italy!

Never being one to shy away from hard work, I have done all sorts of jobs. From painting lines at an international tennis tournament to most recently learning the ropes in a recruitment agency in Northamptonshire, I am thrilled to be in London and putting my degree and work experience to use here at The Lighthouse Company and exploring the Media and Advertising industry.

From the first moment I met Kathleen, Kim and all the team I knew this would be the perfect place for me to start my career. I enjoy supporting Kathleen and Kim with their day-to-day, liaising with clients and the every day running of the office.