As the only girl in a family of five siblings, surrounded by the country side and cobbled streets of Bath, mine was a noisy but joyous childhood. The word bored didn’t exist in my vocabulary and if not climbing trees and building dens with my brothers I was hiding from them with my head buried in a book.

I always enjoyed school and found my strengths lay in English, History and Philosophy which, at 18, led me to a journalism degree at the University of Arts London. Although entirely unused to the rush and noise of a huge city, I immediately fell in love with London and everything that came with it. With my best friend in tow and the confidence only an 18 year old can carry I was determined to put my ‘journalistic’ abilities to the test and find my way into the best restaurants, book launches, plays, comedy nights, and anything else that would take me. I was completely dazzled by the city.

I originally came to Kathleen for guidance and instead found the role I had inadvertently been looking for, as quickly as I had fallen in love with London, I fell in love with Th e Lighthouse and the whole team.

My role so far has been exciting and new each day, whether looking after Bella’s diary, keeping in touch with candidates and clients, assisting at events or laughing with the team over a cup of tea I have thoroughly enjoyed my time here so far and am looking forward to what the future may hold at The Lighthouse. I feel very lucky to experience my first real taste of the career world here with Kathleen, Bella and the team.

I still spend my weekends seeking out London hotspots but now feel a little more like I belong. I also fully appreciate pressing pause to go home of a weekend and spend time with my family.