For the brightest companies and best-in-class talent

At the heart of our most successful Victorious Partnerships are long-term relationships built on the consistent foundations of confidentiality, candour and courage.

The open and trusted relationships we have with those we represent – be it on an organisational or an individual level – allow our team to be true advocates for each side in the thousands of talent conversations we have each year. Our primary aim is to fully understand your business, or you personally, to ensure the representation we provide is both compelling and truthful when guiding both parties through the decision making process.

For the organisations that we represent all of this manifests itself in a high touch, deeply personal and extremely confidential relationship tailored to meet the present and future needs of the business. By only representing the leaders who are best-in-class – something very different to presenting best-in-market – we ensure the most coveted organisations only meet the most in demand talent.

Our approach to the talent management of those leaders we represent is similarly founded in the strength of our long-term relationships. Our role is to be a guiding light in strategic career management, navigating the opportunities (or indeed consequences) of finding new challenges, staying in role and working things out or taking a wholesale change of direction. The one constant is this is our candid feedback, courageous ideas and unswerving honesty.

Naturally, whether dealing with a client organisation or an outstanding leader, we will only ever act with their full and granted permission.