Transformational leadership development programmes

Psyched enables organisations to deliver peak performance by working with leaders' mental, emotional and physical being to enhance the 'whole self'.

Founded in 2016 by Lighthouse founder Kathleen and leading psychotherapist Ben McKie, Psyched is a series of transformational leadership development programmes designed to help individuals, boards and senior executive teams operate at peak performance. Whether that’s in the form of one-on-one executive therapy, group therapy or through one of our exclusive residential teams, we are able to deliver a bespoke service to inspire great change in your own self, your people and ultimately your organisation.


The purpose of Psychoeducation is exactly as it sounds – to educate and equip boards with the knowledge to meet their duty of care to their employees’ mental health while at the same time promoting the benefits of peak mental performance. In the same way that gym subsidies, cycle to work programmes, healthcare schemes and the like have strengthened physical performance both in and out of the workplace, Psychoeducation is the first step for many organisations to initiate action around mental performance and wellbeing to help address the ‘whole self’.

Psyched in Residence

Psyched In Residence is a unique, powerful and pioneering three month programme of in-house face to face or remote VC service of three qualified, accredited and experienced Psychotherapists, each operating purely for you one day a week in your business as you and your teams collectively readjust from the COVID-19 pandemic.

There is no “returning to work” as we knew it – something has changed irreversibly – and recognising and addressing the practical and emotional impact of that on each and every one of us will shape how healthily our businesses come through this as a whole.


Psyched - The Retreat

This five day residential programme extracts top performing executive teams or individuals from their day to day working environments, allowing them to refocus on the things that are important to delivering better results for the organisation through the optimisation of their entire being. This programme, which will be tailored to the business’s individual demands, has been developed to meet the commercial realities facing those in industry today. As workplace stress is the greatest health epidemic facing business today, our focus is on providing our leaders with the tools and capacity to look after their ‘whole self’. Our programmes achieve this in many ways – including nutrition workshops, group therapy, Qi Gong, yoga and executive coaching.

Psyched in the Desert

This is a five day residential programme that allows the most adventurous creative minds to liberate themselves from the bind and grind of daily routine. Taking place in either the Siwa Oasis or the Moroccan Sahara Desert, the aim of this programme is to reconnect with your creative drive while at the same time regaining the instinctive vitality that is regularly at risk of being suppressed by routine, set approaches and formulaic process.

Executive Therapy

Whether you’re looking for an on-site psychotherapy provision for your team or company, or an offsite discreet one-on-one service at our London W1 practice for yourself or others, the Psyched team of accredited psychotherapists has been specifically chosen to meet the specific needs of those working in high pressured environments. Our therapy offering is tailored to the individual or group requirements.

Exclusive Rehabilitation

This unique Psyched service is designed to deliver maximum benefit from the treatment, whilst ensuring that discretion, confidentiality and privacy are a priority. Tailored to each client’s needs, the programme’s location, duration and specialist team will be chosen to deliver the most effective treatment to support the recovery process in absolute privacy.

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