A new approach to talent representation

Founded in 2009, The Lighthouse Company has created hundreds of successful Victorious Partnerships between outstanding talent and leading businesses.

What we think...

We are on a constant mission to uncover New World Talent; those who understand the impact of the digital explosion, the wider economic challenges, the resulting need for innovation and the sheer speed and pace now required of them. No longer specialists, these individuals pull the breadth of their understanding and experience behind one vision. What connects this new world talent together is their demand for personal, intelligent and challenging conversations about what’s next for their businesses and indeed for themselves.

We call them survivors, leaders, pioneers, lion hearts – the very best in transformational talent. These are the individuals recent times have bred and we make it our business to identify, connect and work with them, every day.

What we know...

In the autumn of 2009 we undertook the first of our annual client surveys, to further quantify our new ideas and approach and to better understand what worldwide, regional and local market leaders desire, loathe and fundamentally now require from their headhunting partners. The results were astounding – positive calls for innovation in search, for meaningful change to the charging models and, more than anything, for a truly rich and personal service. If you recognise these responses either as a corporate or personal client, The Lighthouse Company has been built for you.

Our findings have not only further shaped the creation of the business, but the formation of a high class team of advisors and the belief that the world of headhunting is about to change radically.

We have undertaken our New World Talent Survey every year since and we continue to innovate and pioneer, to allow us to deliver what the industry calls for. Watch our latest presentation of key themes and trends below:

The 2020 Shipping Forecast